Friday, November 27, 2009

Seasonal Greetings to all visitors & fellow bloggers...

I hope you all enjoyed a Wonderful Thanksgiving, and I am wishing you an early Christmas filled with Joy!

I visits lots and lots (nearly a thousand now) of blogs, and I often forget to leave comments, and only as I am waiting on the next page/blog to load up do I remember that I didn't write anything. Sometimes I go back and do so, but a lot of times I do not.
So please be assured that I do enjoy them all and re-visit many times (maybe you have noticed that I do return, even when I'm bad and don't comment!) I have only ever quit following about 3 blogs, and those were mostly I just didn't like the genre of the cards I was seeing.
So I tend to hang around and come back and see what you are up to! And almost every single one has something new to catch my eye! Seeing all the wonderful talent and new ideas is something I really do enjoy a lot.

This past year has been good to me, and I hope to you also! I hope to find a job this year (please, economy, RAISE UP!!) and to continue with this hobby that brings me joy and hopefully does the same to the people who receive my cards. I've been able to work with an amazing group of ladies on the Design Team for Stamp, Scrap & Doodle Saturday Challenge (and they do enjoy challenging me!) and in our emails back and forth they provide a lot of laughs and fun too!

My advice to everyone this season is to enjoy the season. You never know how many more you'll have and you can never recapture it once it's gone. Celebrate every chance you get. No matter how slight a reason. Make new friends (like blogging friends!) and definitely cherish the old ones you have!
Merry Christmas!

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