Friday, July 22, 2016

slowing back down for a bit....

Well, my last 3 months has been really hectic.  My Mom and Stepdad Mel visited from Florida.  Mom's alzheimer's is so much worse the visit wasn't great, but I'm still very glad I got to see her.  And she arrived  here the same day my newest grandson Ewan was born!  After a 3 week visit I thought my Stepdad was putting her in a nursing home back in Florida but he backed out of it once they arrived.  Then a couple weeks later she fell and was injured and while in hospital the staff realized her advancement of Alzheimer's so they basically took legal control of her case and she was ordered into a nursing facility 24/7.  That didn't set well with either of them, but finally many weeks later they are BOTH settled into what appears to be a great facility just a couple miles from their home.  Now they are back together, even my Stepdad is improving because he was so worried and stressed while they were apart.

EDITED:  My Stepdad's son has now somehow taken control of everything and is planning to move them out of Florida and  up to Ohio where he and his wife are supposed to be taking care of them.  Don't like this at all.  Trying to find out more information about  how this happened.

I've been making great progress on converting my husband old TV viewing room into my craft space, thanks to some Outstanding Help from my bestie Laura!  It's still a work in progress but I hope it keeps moving forward.  I can hardly wait to have everything out and in reach!