Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wow! Been a long time since posting....

And so much has changed.

First, my kitchen is done, and  has been for a while, nearly a month now.  Sorry for such a delay in letting everyone know.  I had two great friends (Laura and Chris) who came and helped me reload everything (well, nearly everything) back into and arrange things pretty good.  That's still a work in progress as I have been trying to sort through and discard a little bit as I go!  Yea, image that?!!  Necessary evil that I hardly ever do.

I LOVE MY NEW KITCHEN!  It was a lot of money spent, but so worth it to me.  So now I'll include a few of the pictures.  The messy table is where I'm still sorting through boxes, not that it's perfect otherwise, but truly usually better than this!

I promise to try and be back more often to update.  For now I'm making some other changes as well.  Trying to get back on track with the Lifestyle Change to converting to Ketogenic diet and getting healthier.  And a few other things as well.

Stay tuned.