Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Crafters Companion Challenge for July

I just won this FABULOUS stamp set called Wish Upon a Star and decided to use it to make a card for the  Crafters Companion Challenge this month of anything goes! Although I'm not too much into the Christmas in July - it fits that too!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Giveaway at My Crafting Channel

Another great giveaway is taking place over at My Crafting Channel'.   The Giveaway a $150 gift card to Jo-Ann's once she reaches 250 followers (at 130 now).
1. Become a follower 
2. Like her page on Facebook 
3. Grab her button and place on your blog
4. Make a post on your blog about the giveaway
Open to US residents only...
Winner will be chosen using 
There will also be 5 additional surprise goodies for 5 other people beside the main winner.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Needing some help please.. regarding copic markers..

Hi everyone.
Well, I have a few copics and I'm getting a little better at using them, but not buying them.
The ones I have so far mostly were purchased individually at Michael's using a coupon.  Our local Hobby Lobby wasn't carrying them, and neither does the local JoAnn's.  I did get an 8 piece starter set when I won a gift certificate from Amazon, and I've added slowly to where I have about 25 now.

Anyway.... I have about six or eight  that now need a refill (I assume that, as the tips are getting lighter and it's not coloring as well).
I've seen comments on blogs before that it's MUCH cheaper to buy a refill (as it can fill at least a couple/three times).  What I need to know is the best and most inexpensive place in the USA  to buy them.

So, please let me know where you get your refills and how much they cost and an idea on the shipping.  
If you are a store owner - do you carry all the numbers? or just a select bunch - as on a couple of sites I couldn't find the specific ones I needed.

I'd appreciate any and all help.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Finally.. all my Crafters Companion prizes have arrived.

Well, as of this evening, all my prizes I won during the month of May from Crafter's Companion have now arrived.  Took almost exactly 2 months to get, and I was getting so impatient to get them all. I did receive a couple of them earlier, but the ones I was most anxiously waiting on were the first two I won the first week in May - and now they've arrived.

So I'm off to play and learn to use them.  I won the Ultimate Crafter's Companion tool (it's awesome!) and also the Envelobox Creator and the Boxer!  These also came with a CD that  helps explain how to use it (but I've been reviewing these videos online already - and they seem perfect for me who hates math (it appears done for ya!!!).  Plus I won a Clevercut Mini trimmer and also a set of Rock-a-Blocks.  
Here's my little Sweetie Dahlia helping grandma at the computer.  She loves it.  We watch videos, and look for music (her favorite thing) and she's just overwhelmed with the goodies all around my craft room.  Can't seem to take it all in - she holds out her hand wanting something but before I can get it (if it's OK for her to handle) she's off staring at something new she'd like.

Happy 4th of July to everyone.
I'm still taking things a little easy - been sick the past couple of weeks with a rotten cold needing tons of meds (I know, no idea how I could get such a bad one in this rotten 100+ heat?!)  And tomorrow is my birthday, so I'm definitely taking it easy then!!