Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good news....

A recent comment by someone reminded me that I hadn't let everyone know!
Sorry. I should be more considerate of announcing things.

I have the results from my recent biopsy (on the other side) and this time it's good news. Just fibrious material - not cancer this time!! Hallejuah.

I do have to follow up again in six months with another double mammogram and ultrasound, but that's OK. If I continue to get good information I'm willing to do that!!
Thank you all for your continued prayers.

And now that I have this new little bundle (Dahlia!) to enjoy, life is good!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

She's here!!

Isn't she precious! Dahlia Anne Scott was born last night, January 16, 2011, and weighed 6 # and 6 oz and is 19 1/2 inches long!
top photo is grandma (me!) Great Grandma (my mom) and Dahlia.
The next is Dahlia with her long hair!
The next one is just me holding her, then my son (the daddy!) and finally the first time grandparents who are going to spoil this little girl like crazy!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Off for a biopsy again..

Well, I thought I was in the clear, but with my recent mammogram - I'm not. So I'm off for a biopsy again and hope this is not cancer this time around. Last year's lumpectomy and treatment was enough. And naturally, this is the "0ther" side now.
So keep me in prayers. I want to concentrate on this new upcoming granddaughter instead of more treatments or surgeries.

This baby is due in 8 days!!
By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but the name Steve & Karen have chosen Dahlia Anne! Isn't that cute and unusual. Well, this isn't an absolute until they see her, but it's most likely the name!

My Mom is back visiting (for a sad reason, my Uncle Gayle passed away this week) and we've talked her & Mel into staying at least til the 25th. I hope this baby comes in time for Great Grandma to see her! They both HATE the cold weather and snow, being Floridians now, but since they had to make the trip anyway, we just thought it was smart to stay an extra week, and it was cheaper to fly back after that date too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another sympathy card...

Here's a card I made for my Aunt Jo.

My Uncle Gayle passed away on Monday, and because of something new going on with me (I may write about this later on) I will be unable to attend the funeral or viewing, so I hurried up and got this card ready for my Aunt Jo.

Uncle Gayle was my Mom's last living sibling. This is hitting her pretty hard. I made arrangements for her and Mel to fly home (back home again in Indiana - USA! where the weather changes every day) amid all the new snow and even talked them into staying an extra week or so - who knows, maybe that new Great Granddaughter will arrive while they are still here! Wouldn't that be nice.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Wink Wink Ink celebrating....

Their first birthday! Isn't this a cutie image. Anyway, this is a month long celebration and you can check it all out Here !

They have some adorable images and now a new blog to show them off!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Challenge post!

Here's my entry into the Designed 2 Delight Challenge for January.

Isn't this a cute image. And its free for now! And I just did the text on the computer.

The challenge runs til Jan. 13th! Check it out Here.

Some goodies

Pixie Dust Paperie has a giveaway going on until the 11th of January. Check it out Here .
They have some wonderful Kits.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Want some more candy ...

My friend Chris has some candy available for a few more days. Now part of me didn't want you to know about this, but then I figured I should start the New Year off being nice. Plenty of time for me to get back to my selfish ways later on.

So... what are you waiting for, go check it out. It's listed on my sidebar and ends on January 8, or you could just click on Chris's name - it should take you there!

Happy New Year from me!