Thursday, March 7, 2013

Have been pretty busy

I have been making cards, but just not getting them posted!  Here's a few of them.  I've also had to do several other get well, a couple sympathy, and even a couple other birthday ones that I failed to get photos of for the blog.  Sorry.  I've also had to have one sleep study - and they goofed up, so now I have to do it all again tomorrow night!  And we are planning a trip to visit family for my MIL's 89th birthday!  Things have been pretty busy around here.

But I do have some wonderful news to share!
I did get my social security disability approved!! So I've started getting some little income now, and then in the fall I'll be able to get medicare which was what I mostly needed!  With my hubby's buyout plan ending next month, I'll have to start paying my insurance with Cobra for a few months coverage but then the medicare will kick in late fall.  What a relief that is!!

Well, with the visiting I'll be off here for a few days again, but hopefully things will slow down in another week or so and then I'll be busy with taxes!