Friday, August 31, 2012

I have a small Blog Candy....

OK, I pulled a dumb one the other day and ordered a second Labels One Nestability that someone was selling.  I already had one, I messed up and forgot I did, what I had really wanted was a Labels 3 - so..... for the benefit of someone who does not have a Labels One Nestability - put your name down here and maybe you can win it!

No fuss, no biggie, just put your name down in the comments if you DO NOT OWN this set and would like to have it.  And don't be like me, go check first!!  Here's a reminder of what they look like (6 of them), and samples of cuts.  Remember they are used, and so no packaging.

I'll probably add a few ribbons and maybe some small papers to the winner also.  I'll let this run until the end of August and probably list the winner within a few days (we'll be out of town for the first weekend of September).

Also, I'll have another blog candy probably in September or October for a punch or two that I don't use plus one new one that came as a candy - but I already had one!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fresh Cut Flours..... go check her out.

Have you ever stopped by the blog called Fresh Cut Flours ? Well, why not?

She has the most lovely cookies always on her blog. I wish I could make decent cookies - I can't, really, I've tried. But it's awe inspiring! And she has re-purposed items all the time too.

and now she has some candy too. I really don't want you to win it - cause I want to win it, but I promised I'd let you know about it!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

There be candy to be had.....

Craft Barn candy

Go check it out, there is some yummy candy available to be had here on the 9th of September (that's my oldest son's birthday! - so I'd especially love to win it!)

You do need to follow, but that's no hardship as it's a nice blog to be checking out any way!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

more blog candy - just some papers **EDITED

It's been a few days, and I've chosen the winners.  All 5 people who have commented have won and I'm asking now for your mailing information.
  The packets are ready to go! 
If I have not heard back within 3 days, and any one new asks for some, the new people will get it!!

I had several of the big 12 X 12 paper packs and so I rough cut some of them up into 6X6 pieces and I'm going to send off some paper packs to 2-3 winners.

Sorry but due to the weight of the paper, I'll only ship this in the US unless someone sends the postage to me by PayPal.  And, I'm shipping them in a bubble wrap or cardboarded manilla envelope only - not boxes.

If you are at all interested, please just sign up below.  I'll bundle these up and  choose some winners one day next week.  I need to clear out some room, and I know I'll never use all these papers so I'm hoping someone is interested in them.  I didn't keep the name of the paper packs - sorry - and I had about 6 big ones - the kind that had 180 pages or so!  So there are a lot.       This photo is a sampling of some of the cut pieces!

Friday, August 3, 2012

a few more recent cards...

 Here are a few of the recent cards I've made.  I get busy, and forget to post some of them.  I've probably made over 20 in the past month, mostly for friends and family birthdays and such.