Saturday, May 27, 2017

I can't believe a month has gone by....

since my last post.  Wow, time flies.   But it's all good.

I've been busy working on things to get my kitchen ready for remodeling.  It is now supposed to happen on Tuesday, and I can't wait.  There have been a couple delays including missing the start date last week because my contractor had a death in the family, which I fully understand takes precedence but I am more than ready to begin.

It's a lot of work clearing everything out of the kitchen!  In fact, my granddaughter Dahlia asked me if I was moving!  I teased and told her yes, but then clarified that's what is sometimes feels like!  But I've also had someone come in and paint out my kitchen chairs and table legs and also the bottom of my hutch and those projects look great.  I still have a couple of choices to make to get my part done, but I'm almost there.  It's tough choosing the correct color of yellow I want for the walls.  The lower cabinets will be Espresso (nearly black) and the uppers are going to be Stone (gray).  The flooring is changing to a kind of gray driftwood look and the lights are all stainless or brushed nickel.  I'm excited, can you tell?

I also bought a new clock that's easier to read!! (yea, I'm aging and admitting!)
I'll share more as things happen.  Wish us luck on completing this before my birthday on July 3