Saturday, April 22, 2017

Closing out my UNITY time with Winning names....

EDITED*:  WINNERS;   Please send me an email terriavidreader @ yahoo dotcom, no spaces etc., of course.
And Niece, I never received your info on messenger.  This Yahoo is how I keep in touch.
            Also, Dorothy Green, I am sorry but I did not follow the rules correctly and you are ineligible at this time for the Unity prize.  Please do contact me and I'll still send you something from my stash.

OK, I've drawn the names of the winners from those visiting my blog during my Unity Week, and the Main Winners are DOROTHY GREEN, and NIECE.  Congratulations on winning a grab bag of goodies from Unity.  Please get me your contact information ASAP so that I can share it with Unity.

I've also gathered up a few items from my stash, to fill a fairly large padded envelope, and to share with a secondary winner in appreciation of visiting and commenting this week.  The secondary Winner is:  WINDYCINDY.   Please contact me ASAP with your contact information so that I can get these goodies mailed out to you to enjoy.

Again, thanks so very much to everyone who commented and dropped by my blog to see some of my projects this week.  The past few years I have not shown a lot of my work, and heard much feedback, and so it's been fabulous to enjoy that this week.  It's so very appreciated.  I sincerely wish I was able to send something to everyone who dropped by.  Who knows, maybe I'll gather up some more things during this new kitchen construction and have a celebration giveaway in a few weeks!  Stop back by and see what's going on.

Have a wonderful new week everyone!!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Wow. Day 5 is here and it's rather sad.

Today is the final day of my time with Unity.  A little sad but it certainly was fun! 

I decided to go ahead and make this card today as I had need of one sadly, but also because this is the type card everyone needs sometimes.  And I think it's sort of fitting with my final day also.  

I love using these dies and this is a sentiment (not the stamp, as I didn't get that until later) that the boys and I used in a frame at my husband's funeral.  I find myself using it for sympathy cards a lot.

I find using this is a good thing especially for when the card is going to a man.  They aren't into the flowers and such so much, ya know.  

Please leave a comment if you'd like to be entered to win a grab bag of goodies from Unity.  I will draw a winner either late tonight or early tomorrow.  I wish each visitor the best of luck in that drawing.   And to sweeten the pot just a little, I intend to pick a number 2 winner to get a little padded envelope of goodies from me also.  Surprise!

Have a wonderful day everyone and thanks again to enriching me by commenting and visiting and bringing more joy back into my crafting world.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

All ready for day 4 in my Unity week

Well, I've been using a lot of the girls for my cards, and of course they are special.  But I think that tomorrow I'll try something entirely different.  We'll see. 

This is another card I've made for a special friend who sadly lost  her  hair due to Chemo, and I wanted to cheer her up a little by reminding her how lovely she really is always!  She never had long hair anyway so hopefully she'll appreciate it!! ha ha.

I definitely feel for someone going through that.  Luckily I didn't have to have chemo with my breast cancer, I just had a mastectomy and radiation.  And I'm at my 6  year mark after surgery, so all is good.

I honestly don't have many cards saved back because when I make a card, I usually have someone I'm planning to send it to, and I make it a point to mail it very soon after.  I kinda weave thoughts of that person into how I make the card, and the colors I choose and also the images and sentiments.  That's what seems to work best for me.  I have sometimes made up a card following a viewing of someone's videos or tutorials, but they don't seem to come out quite right usually.  That does help me learn the techniques and tricks, but something seems to be missing.  I think that's just how I roll!

Anyway, don't forget to comment below to be added into a drawing to win some love from Unity at the end of my week, which is sadly tomorrow!   As I said, I hope to do something different, but we'll see how the mood strikes me!!  See ya later! And thanks for dropping by my blog.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My UNITY Day 3 post

Here's day 3 card.  I saw this technique (sorry, I'm  not exactly where I saw it) and wanted to try.

 I think this turned out great.  Using Vellum and using a stylus on the back side to make it look like the white coloring of this little girl.

The background base isn't showing through as nice as I'd like, but I'm still working on blending those distress inks.  And I really should have put 4 brads into the vellum I think.

I make a lot of Thinking of You cards,, and this seems to be one of the most perfect images for that card.  And personally I love the fact that I don't have to color in the face.  I'm not good at that yet.  I have to admit that I've signed up quite a while ago for a Kit and Clowder class but haven't taken it yet,

I'm so glad my week is this current one, as I'm about ready to start in on a HUGE kitchen remodel.  I'm hoping that being able to retreat into my craft room will help with a lot of the stress of this.  I can hardly wait for it though.

Well, I hope to see you guys tomorrow and Friday with 2 more of my cards.  Don't forget to comment, as there will be a prize at the end of the week!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 2 for Unity

One of my favorite images.  I tried to do an image without a black stamped image background, but I'm not sure I like how mine turned out.  This card was made for a friend who is going through a bad patch and I wanted to encourage her to hang in there, Keep breathing and things usually do get better.  I think the sentiment comes through, but the coloring not so much.  I apologize to those doing a much better job with that style.

However, it remains a favorite image for me.
I'm already working on tomorrow's card, and it promises to be better!

Please remember to comment and a winner will be chosen later this week to win a prize package from  Unity.

Monday, April 17, 2017

I am a Unity Girl this week!!

First time being a Unity Girl, and I love those stamps.  Wish I had many more of them!

Today I am showing off a card I made for my Bestie, Laura, who has been a wonderful friend since the beginning of time.  I consider her my sister, and luckily for me, she feels the same.  During our lives we've lost touch a few times, but when we get back together, it's like no time is missing.  She just recently drove across state lines to come and  help me get my Kitchen emptied out, getting ready for a remodel.  What a buddy!  Hopes she comes back to help me reinstall it all!!

Anyway, here's the wonderful image I used from Unity.  PERFECT.

I've been into making cards this way since about 2009 and I Love it.  I've been a crafty person my whole life; doing sewing, and lot of misc projects.  Making things, did some oil painting for a while.  But this cardmaking is by far the most fulfilling for me. Although for years at a job I made cards, I started this style mostly when a cousin of mine was diagnosed with terminal cancer and I needed to get cards to her since I couldn't visit, and there didn't seem to be much out there to send to her, so I devised some of my own, and then found out about this hobby.  And I continue to make cards for people who are ill and to remind them and help cheer them maybe that someone is thinking of them and praying for them.  I use it also to stay in communication with some of my older relatives who I don't get to see often.  I'm not in the best of health myself, I'm on disability and use a walker and oxygen 24/7, so this hobby keeps me out of trouble, well sometimes anyway.

I became a widow a couple years ago, and I've now turned my husband's old TV viewing room into my craft room.  I was amazed at how much stuff I really had.  When it's all in one space it was a little overwhelming, but what fun I had discovering all that I had accumulated!!

I hope you enjoy some of what I make this week.
Terri (terriavidreader) Scott

Edited to say:   I am tickled to death by all the lovely comments, nearly overwhelmed.  Thank you all so much. It will take me a while, but I'll be by to visit you one day, I promise!!