Sunday, November 20, 2011


Currently Swagbucks has a new member offer.
If you use the code SBPAYSFORME when you sign up by November 23rd you will start off with 110 Swagbucks! It only takes 450 to get a $5 card. This is the best sign-up special I’ve seen so far. So get on board with Swagbucks and start saving up those cards for next Christmas. I use Swagbucks for my search engine and about every 3rd time I search something I win some points.

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Unknown said...

Yes it was. It was ABC Challenge, Crafy Emma's Store. I didn't see anything on the rules about having to pay shipping....don't think I'll be doing that challenge again....I'm pretty sure when you win, your not supposed to have to pay anything. Never had this happen before...don't think I'll be getting it :( Doesn't seem right to me...just my opinion :O)