Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you've taken the time to drop by, I want you to know I wish you and yours a Wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Sorry I don't have a card to show, I'm actually away from home and handing several out to family (and I forgot to take pics of all these too). First time we've gathered with this bunch in several years, and I'm enjoying it all. Hope you have time to spend with your family and friends and I'll post more in a few days!

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Cricket's Daughter said...

I saw your info on Linda's YT blog, but don't know your YT name, or I would have contacted you through that avenue:) I am originally from north of Indianapolis and just wanted to say hello and see what part of Indiana you are in. I now live in Kentucky near Lexington with my husband on our farm.....and always like to say HI to folks back in my home state.

Well, have a great day and check in if you have a chance. I am CricketsDaughter1 on YT and I have not updated my blog for a couple of weeks....bad, I know...haha. It is

Have a great week and nice to "meet" you.