Sunday, April 19, 2015

I want it, I want it!

EDITED:   Well, I went to check to see if I won, and very sadly I did not.... someone who saw it here (and said so!!)  did.  Way to go REGENA!

I do want one of these, but it's not in my budget this year.  I hope I'm lucky enough to win this one. she's posting a winner on April 26th, and after the past few weeks of trials I've been through I want it to be me!!  You can go to  and check it out yourself.


Janis said...

What a fabulous giveaway, Terri! I would be thrilled to see YOUR name as the winner!!!
Good to see you posting. Hugs and many prayers continuing for you!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Regena said...

Hey Girl..thanks for letting me know I won!! Im so excited!! Hugs Regena

Karen Dunbrook said...

I won a MISTI and it is amazing!! I find myself reaching for it all the time.