Saturday, February 16, 2013


Well, I removed a couple duplicates or extra comments, and then numbered them all, and so this #7 drawn is NIKKI!

Congrats to you Nikki.  I'll email you to double check, but I believe I have your mailing address.

Thank you everyone for joining in.  I did not reach the participants I would have liked, but hey, I'm glad you folks follow me and I hope there will be more goodies to come in the future at a little quicker pace!  So please stick around!

I also hope to get into posting some of my cards a little more regularly than the past few months.  I'm finally feeling much better and breathing easier now with the oxygen 24/7.  Hubby has been retired for nearly a year now, and we've settled into a routine with our babysitting of our granddaughter to mostly Saturdays now.  So, although I've been continuing making cards, I sure haven't posted even a quarter of what I've made probably - and since I do actually mail off almost of them, they aren't here to photo for the blog!!  I'll do better!

Our 40th Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow, and we have a brunch planned with our sons and their ladies and my little Dahlia!  It will be a wonderful day!!  Happy Weekend everyone.


Ardilla said...

Congrats to Nikki!
Congrats to you on your anniversary!!! 40 years!!!!!! SUch a blessing...

Unknown said...

Way to go Nikki! Terri have a WONDERFUL anniversary...40 years is quite a feat in today's world. Glad you're feeling better!

Nikki said...

THANK YOU so much sent you my new address :) hugs Nikki

Emily H said...

Congratulations Nikki!