Sunday, July 15, 2012

Needing some help please.. regarding copic markers..

Hi everyone.
Well, I have a few copics and I'm getting a little better at using them, but not buying them.
The ones I have so far mostly were purchased individually at Michael's using a coupon.  Our local Hobby Lobby wasn't carrying them, and neither does the local JoAnn's.  I did get an 8 piece starter set when I won a gift certificate from Amazon, and I've added slowly to where I have about 25 now.

Anyway.... I have about six or eight  that now need a refill (I assume that, as the tips are getting lighter and it's not coloring as well).
I've seen comments on blogs before that it's MUCH cheaper to buy a refill (as it can fill at least a couple/three times).  What I need to know is the best and most inexpensive place in the USA  to buy them.

So, please let me know where you get your refills and how much they cost and an idea on the shipping.  
If you are a store owner - do you carry all the numbers? or just a select bunch - as on a couple of sites I couldn't find the specific ones I needed.

I'd appreciate any and all help.


Ellen Taylor said...

I get mine from Dolce Impressions. Sandra sells Copic Sketch markers for $5.24 and the Refills for $5.99. She carries them all. If there is anything she doesn't have in her store , Sandra jumps through hoops to get it for you! Awesome deals on shipping too.
Here is the link......

Alyssa S said...

I use Oozak. Always great customer service and prices!

I also use MarkerPop (formerly iCopic). I believe they have a member program that makes their prices even cheaper

Both are 5.24 for Sketch and 5.99 for refills

stamp-color-and create said...

How long have you had the markers? It sounds like you haven't had them that long. I thought they lasted quite a while before needing to be refilled.

I'm jealous that you are allowed to use coupons on copics at Michaels. We can't here in Canada. Copics & Cricut items (or any other die cutting machine products) are completely off limits where coupons are concerned. Not sure why.