Thursday, August 11, 2011

My last official babysitting day....

Here's my darling little one again! She got to spend a little longer at Grandma's today (Tuesday) as it was her Mom's last day at work, and so she stayed very late doing a final inventory and so Dahlia was here until her Dad got home from work. So... we took some pictures!! In the one you can see that she's wearing a pair of sneakers that actually belonged to her Daddy! So they are over 30 years old. I put them on her (they're a little big) but these were ones that my Dad bought for Steve when he was a baby. I just had to do it!

We are scheduled to babysit overnight this weekend, but then it will just be a very hit and miss thing (like normal grandparents) after that.

I'm going to really, REALLY miss her every day. But she was getting a little much for me, since she's growing and wanting to investigate every little thing. Wearing me out daily.

But I will be crafting a little more, I think, after the end of the month. We are getting some visitors that last week, then things will surely settle down quite a bit! Stay tuned, you never know what will really be going on!!

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Unknown said...

oh my gosh how cute! That photo is priceless!