Friday, February 4, 2011

Liebster Award

Yesterday I was given this award by Holly . If you've never been to her blog you should take a minute to click on her name and go visit. She is a very special lady. I'm thrilled she thinks enough of my blog to give me this award!

There are a couple of rules that accompany this award.
First you need to post about the award and then thank and link back to the person who presented it to you. You also need to let them know that you have accepted the award. Then you need to select 3-5 people to present the award to and inform them.

Holly told me a little about what she thinks this award is about or why she went along with it. The Arnold-Liebster Foundation seeks to promote peace, tolerance, human rights, and religious freedom by peaceful and nonpolitical means. She said she didn't know for sure if the Liebster award is based on the Arnold-Liebster Foundation, but was going with it by giving the award.

Here are my three choices:

Chris from Chrisd - Simple Things in Life

Karen from Have A Scrap Happy Day

Debbi from Diamond Grove

Check them out, you won't be disappointed if you pay them a visit!


Holly Young said...

Hi Terri! Im off to check out the blogs you mentioned! Thanks for accepting the award from me!

Debbi said...

Thank you so much, Terri! I am headed over now to post about my award.