Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Bear!

Here's a little cutie I made for my 2 Cute Rubber Stamps posting today!
Isn't this little bear adorable. Heidi did a fantastic job with him. I decided to keep the background the simple colors and just a little spider web embossed plus a couple of tiny spiders. When they are this tiny I don't mind them!
Do you have little ones to get into costumes? Wouldn't this be a cute one.
My boys are grown but the youngest still does Halloween. It's kinda scary now the costumes he comes up with. They are usually from some comic book character he likes! In fact, he did a great job one year dressing up as Logan/Wolverine from the X-Men comics. Don't be scared, most days he's normal!


Jingle said...

Your little pumpkin man is so cute!

ileana said...

Hi Terri! what a cute card! love the spiderwebs on the corners, a great detail! have a lovely day! hugs,

Unknown said...

Super cute card! Thanks for sharing :)