Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi blogger friends,

First - I'd like to say thank you to everyone who contacted me, either on this blog or by emails, and wished me well or prayed for me. I do so appreciate it.
And, I have some FANTASTIC news!
I got the pathology report back late on Thursday when they changed the Mammosite balloon, and there was no cancer in the lymph nodes that were removed, and none was found in the margins either! And I started my radiation treatments today with the first two doses.
That continues every day next week, and then that's it.

I am so very blessed!

I've been extremely tired, but that's about the worse of the side effects. I understand that it's very common with this type of treatment and I've been back at work all week too, which is tiring as well. I only missed the surgery day and the following day. I'd like to take some time off to just get caught up on the rest, but I feel I can't. The new boss and my work has been so very good to me, and I can't let them down. And after having gone through such a long spell with no job, believe me it's important for me to treat them as well as they've done to me.

Tomorrow is going to be a day just for me!
I'm going to get a pedicure and get my nails done too. This - no shower - business is wearing me down, but I can't until everything is totally finished, and little sponge baths just aren't cutting it, so I decided I need the day to myself tomorrow before the treatments continue and my husband will be watching ballgames on tv anyway, so this is one way I decided to spend some time for myself. It's not that expensive and I deserve it!

Then I hope to get back into things by this coming weekend and get some cards made. I actually have made a few, but they were just quick cards to thank a few special friends who stepped up and helped so much this past couple of weeks. Now I owe my design teams a few to catch up a little.

So, have you scheduled your mammogram yet? Why not? It's such a quick procedure and boy, can it make a difference! Believe me. I actually did a self-exam and found this, followed by a visit to my primary and then a mammogram and then ultrasounds, and then a biopsy and then surgery, etc. This all started in early February - and now, middle of March, I'm nearly done. And it was found extremely early! You owe it to yourself to do this. You are the only person who knows your body this well and can early detect changes. Then follow it up with a mammogram and whatever may be needed. Please.

OK, I'm off the saltbox. Have a great day!


Anita said...

I am glad to hear such good news. Enjoy your day of pampering.

Chrisd said...

So glad you got good news...I've been thinking of you.. Happy pampering girl!

Holly Young said...

Wonderful news Terri! I'm doing the happy dance for you! I go for my mammogram on the 22nd.

*Susan* said...

Terri, thank you for entering for a chance at my spring blog candy! More importantly, I'm sorry that you've been diagnosed with BrC but am glad to hear that you received good news at your appointment! We've been hit hard by this monster: we lost mum in December08, my oldest sister just finished her chemo/radiation, my other sister had surgery for atyp. hyperplasia, and my two maternal aunts & one cousin are also survivors. I'll be saying a special prayer for healing and victory as you continue your battle! {hug}

Marlene said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and entering in the blog candy contest. :) I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers where your cancer is concerned. If it helps at all, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 20 years ago, and remains cancer-free today.