Saturday, November 7, 2009

A SPECIAL REQUEST - and the address is provided

My cousin's husband is a veteran, who is going to be in desperate need of cards this coming week and for the next several months. He has been in treatments for a long time at the Veterans Center, and it's not been good. In fact, he's recently been transferred to another hospital in the area because of the failed treatments at the VA hospital.
Don is being admitted to the hospital again on Monday to remove his foot.
He has diabetes, and has some complications from it and he's been resisting them taking his foot for some time, but the infections has now pretty much taken half of it anyway, and now the physicians have decided there is no choice, it's either his foot or his life.

So.... now to the special request part:
I am asking each and every one of you who come to my blog (and all others if you'd care to share this on your blog too!!) to send a card to him to help cheer him up and wish him a good recovery from this surgery.

Don Wilson
130 East Northfield Drive PMB 285
Brownsburg IN 46112

It's just the cost of a stamp, and whatever card you might be making for a challenge or even just one that didn't quite turn out exactly as you wanted, but I'm sure it could make all the difference to him! Please help this vet to stay encouraged and heal!

This is an ongoing request as well, as they have advised my cousin that it will take many many months to recover from this -- so if you could mark your calendar in some way, and send an additional card in a few months, that would be Fantastic. I asked my cousin how she would feel about me making this request to all my cardmaking and blogger friends, and she's up for anything that might help Don in his recovery!

So please think about how you would feel if Don were related to you, and especially with him being a veteran (Veteran's Day is coming soon!) and having to recover from something like this. Please send him a card of any type and then also mark your calendar to do it again in a few months.

Doesn't have to be a get well card; can be a thinking of you card, Thank you for your service as a Vet card, Holiday card, whatever. You don't have to sign it even.

Just please do send a card. (I'd love it to hear back when you have mailed one!)

And thanks for doing this! I'm positive it will make a difference to Don.


Chrisd said...

I'll make one and pop it into the mail in the morning.Hugs from Michigan

Danielle said...

Hi Terri
I will definitely make one and post it off Monday morning! Lots of love, thoughts and encouragement go a long way when healing! I will post this message on in my blog too.
Hugs, Danielle

Imagine That Digistamp said...

This hits very close to home as my FIL was a vet with diabetes and he got infection in his feet/legs and had to had both his legs removed at the knee in his 70's. He lived only 12 miles from us so we spent a lot of time over there. We lost him last year at the age of 83. He did pretty well though with his amputations and his prosthetic legs. It does take quite a while getting use to though for him and at that age for recovery took longer than a younger person I'm sure. It definately made life a little harder for mom as she had to help him in and out of his wheel chair to do various everyday tasks.

I'd be happy to send a card/s to Don to hopefully brighten his day. Hugs!

paperscissors said...

will post a card today and have bookmarked this site in favourites to remember to send another card along the way! my prayers go out to God to help Don and his family and friends in their journey of grieving the loss of the foot and the acceptance of a different life style.