Monday, July 13, 2009

Some older Blog Candy Wins that ....

I failed to write about. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to do so.
I was looking back through this blog, and there are many Blog Candy wins missing! I guess I got caught up in it all, and in making more cards, and fail to let my fellow bloggers know! And That's Awful.
It's also bad for those wonderful Blogs/companies who offered the candy in the first place. I do so appreciate winning blog candy, as I'm sure other do too, and I feel it's only appropriate to mention it on my blog as well as it being announced on the blog candy site. So... to remedy some of that, I'll try and catch up most of them.

In May (yes, shameful isn't it) I won from a Carl the Cupcake stamp. Then I also won a wonderful assortment of items from
At the end of May I won a collection of papers from , and from I won the new stamp set Flower Frenzy.
In early June, I won some Smooch Sugarberry ink and a Yellow Daisy Glimmer Mist (a few other items were included) from .

And from I won a 3 piece limited edition Breast Cancer stamp set (and they generously gave me another set to donate to a local Oncology Clinic for a fundraiser project!) Then in late June, I won from a choice of stamps, and I chose the Sporty Accessories Set.

And finally, at the end of June, I also won from 4 stamps of my choice and a variety of items, including a Nestibilities Scalloped Heart set.

Whew! I know, I have won a lot of blog candy, and I thank each and every blogger for that.
I hadn't realized it was that much. But I had kept a separate list, just for this reason in case something kept me from announcing it on my blog too!

I've been stamping for less than a year, and been unemployed that whole time, so I didn't have much to use, just the will and drive to make cards. I want all these bloggers to know how very much I've appreciated their generosity. I've now started doing some candies on my own and hope to increase that - not nearly as large as a lot I've seen, but hopefully something to help encourage others to continue to do the same and benefit other new crafters.

Thanks for listening to this whole thing, and again, thanks to all the wonderful bloggers out there who offer blog candy unreservedly. You've been a tremendous help to me in getting started doing this hobby I love, you cannot know how much it is appreciated!

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