Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh what I got in the mail....

Well, hubby is on vacation and he and I finally got a chance to go and see the new Harry Potter movie (which we thoroughly enjoyed) and when we got home I checked the mail (assuming it would just be the bills from my shoulder surgery like I've been getting for the past two weeks) and Guess What?!! There was a surprise in my mailbox!

I got a package from Nikki (remember I sent her a belated birthday card that she liked and chose). Well she sent me these items! Wasn't that sweet! I'm not great at taking photos, but what isn't showing well is some pop-dots and some small bags and the bag of sparkles called Center Kisses is mostly flipped over, and that tube is a pink paislee pixie stix! I'm a happy Stamper today!! Thanks Nikki!

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