Friday, July 3, 2009

My Blog CANDY drawing is coming soon...

** Edited CLOSED - see new post for winner.
**Edited: Just 1 days left for me to receive your card snail mailed to me to enter for my candy!! I have added a few items that aren't shown also.
Birthday BLOG CANDY!! *
My birthday is coming up on July 3, so I thought July 4 was a perfect time for Blog Candy.
FOR Entry: each handmade card snail mailed to me is an entry into my BLOG CANDY Drawing, the actual entry is by receiving the snail mailed card.
I am using blog candy as an incentive for receiving snail mailed cards (ANY CARDS, not just birthday). The end date for receiving the cards is JULY 3, so you have a couple months to get them mailed. Once a card is received, from the return address on the envelope, I'll place that name in an excel list and then randomly announce a winner on JULY 4. Each separately mailed and received card is an entry. More than one entry IS allowed, but only one entry per envelope. (not responsible for items lost in mail!)
Any card. Any style or size, or theme. No restriction or guidelines except that it must be snail mailed to me (and received) to be entered for the blog candy. Email me through the profile to get my mailing address.
This post will stay on top until July 4.
*Over 30 stamped images on white cardstock; Several punched borders on white cardstock;
3 pkg various stickers from Michaels; Various lengths of ribbons/rickrack/sequin strips; 4 Pkgs of Stamps (3 Christmas ones);
Small bag of buttons/embellishments.
More may be added.


Kay D said...

Hi Terri,

I just emailed you for your addy.
Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!

Christine said...

I received your bookmarks a couple of days ago but haven't gotten a chance to leave a comment to thank you. I'm doing that now!

You have all four entries into my challenge.


Alley said...


Love your site.. and You've won my candy! If you can send me your address to my e-mail I will send out your candy And some cards to enter into your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity...

Jacilynn said...

Hi Terri,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked how to link candy on sidebar. Sign into blogger and go to "layout" then click "add gadget". This will bring up a window and select "link list". Type in the title (ie blog candy) and then where it says "new site url" you need to to cut and paste the blog address of the candy and then where it says "new site name" you type in info about the candy.
When you want to add more candy links you just go to "layout" again and click edit and add more to your list.

Hope that helps!

Unknown said...

thanks for joing my candy giveaway...good luck will link you to my side bar .. would like the chance to win your candy too....thanks for your generosity good luck to both of us ...sassyxx

Cardmaking Galore said...

hi, would love to participate - can you send me your address? If you leave a comment on my site with your address, I will not post it

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,

I also like to participate also!As far as I am concerned ,nothing can beats snail mail.
I always prefer a REAL card instead of a digital one....
Please send me your address so I can make a card for you.

Greetings from Holland from Riane.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri, I would love to participate also and make you a birthday card.Nothing can beats a real card as far as I am concerned.A snailmail card is so much nicer the a digital card,but hat is my opinion.
Pleas can you send me your address were to send the card to

Greetings from Holland from Riane

Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Terri,

Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it!

Just wanted to let you know that you don't have to complete all the challenges to enter our Hop or my BONUS challenge! I am definitely understand what you are saying...I too, agree that there's not enough time in the day to complete them all and am amazed at all the people who have today! My hat goes off to them! Wish I could be so creative and have the time to complete so many gifts in one day!

Hope you'll stop back and visit soon!


Boni Boutelle-Jones said...

Hi Terri! Thanks for stopping by and reading about my lost shoes! We have several things in common I can see right from the get-go: 1) our love of crafty things, 2) I have a sister named Terri; 3) my oldest son's birthday is also in July and 4) our husbands are writers - and lets not leave out our love of blog candy! I will be emailing you shortly - got get those cards flowing!! Happy PRE Birthday!!

Kristii said...

What a fun way to celebrate your birthday!!! Thanks for joining in the fun at the So Sketchy Blog Hop!!!

Agus said...

Hi! lovely blog candy!! thanks for the chance to win :) Im going to link your blog right now!

Here is my blog.

Meche said...

wow lovely blog candy! i dont have a blog yet (i can wait to start one..) but i will tell my friend about your blog candy :)

p.s: this is my mail if you need something:

Cami said...

This sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday and how fun it will be. I'll be emailing you for your snail mail addy. Have a wonderful day! Cami

Jenny V. said...

Hi Terri! You are so generous. What a great idea, you will get something in return to. Some beautiful handmade birthday cards. Anything handmade are very special and something to cherish for.Thanks for the chance to win some yummy candy.


Unknown said...

Hi Terri! What a great idea, I love it! I'm in, my email is on my blog, for you to send your addy. Thanks for entering my candy!!


Jane Izumi Matsumoto said...

What fun! I am so glad you emailed me with this info! I am posting this on my blog candy roll. I was sending you a card with your blog candy goodies anyways! :) xx Jane

Velta said...

Hey girl! Thanks for your comment on my Edward and Bella Card...Happy Birthday on the 3rd!!