Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Hi everyone!

I'm back! At least I think I'm fairly well back to normal! I'm ready to give it a try.

My treatments are all done, I think. I do have to consult with the oncology doctor next week, but the radiation treatments are done.

Here is my card for Stamp, Scrap & Doodle Saturday Challenge! The theme is "tear it up" and I'm not used to doing that, but I found this wonderful little image and it seemed to be able to fit in well. And I love the little jelly beans background! And it's nearly Easter!

You'd think I would have had a lot of time to get some cards made up ahead of time, but not me! Instead, I was still trying to work (granted, it's part time but all told I'm gone from home over 5 to 5 1/2 hours every day for it) and then having to squeeze the treatments and doctor visits and all into the other hours, and just the regular life things like grocery shopping, laundry etc....

Then to top it off, my computer started getting sassy with me. It's kinda old and cantankerous -- like me -- and it started denying there was a printer attached, and when I'd get that fixed, it would try telling me that the program I usually use wasn't loaded, which it was, and then it would say I have no photos (or images) anywhere on the computer, which I clearly actually probably have way too many loaded. I think it's time to replace this old model. It was top of the line when purchased, but that's been about 6-7 years ago now. And with all the expenses coming up, I'd hate to try and squeeze more from this money turnip - but I can't live without my computer! And we've been wanting a laptop, and although I think overall I still would like a desktop model, we're so unsure what to do.

So hubby and I are discussing the possibilities. Luckily I got to spend a little extra time on it the other day, and it seems to have straightened out a bit for now. But.... if I don't respond in the next few weeks, it's probably because of the computer!

Well, enough chatting for now. Go over to SSDS and check out the other design team members projects and get on board! This may be the last you'll see a few of them, as some are moving on to other positions on other teams, and we have some new members just starting this week and next. Still tons to see and new ideas to check out.

I'll be back for sure by next week with my Squigglefly challenge too. Who knows, if the computer cooperates, I may have more inbetween!! I hope so as cards needed within the family are still going on! Several birthdays and anniversaries coming up quick!

Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes! They are so appreciated!


Stef H said...

oh terri, it's nice to see you back and you are still in my prayers.

what a super cute card. i would love to sit among the jelly beans which happen to be my favorite candy. yep. i'll take them over chocolate anytime! call me nuts - lol!

Regina said...

super cute card. that image is precious!
I am glad you are back!! hugs!

Susan (rainy) said...

What a darling image. Cute card, too.

So good to read that you are done with the treatments. Good to have you back.

Anita said...

Glad to hear that you are doing well. Super cute card. I hope the computer doesn't give you too many problems.

Unknown said...

Hi, thank you so much for joining in with my Candy, I have even more up for grabs! Please pop over and take a look : )
love emma xxx

Nicole said...

HEY GIRLY GIRL! Can you believe it, we are on a team together! GO HOOSIERS! HAAA! I look forward to getting to know you better! Hoosier Hugs, Nicole

valen said...

Hello Terri,
Just wanted to say hi because I´m new on the team ;)

Wendy @ E-1-A said...

Hi Terri

Thought I'd drop by and say 'hello'. It's a pain when our computers start to play up. Mine took ages to update the other day and I thought it was going to conk out. Fortunately, it didn't. It's getting a bit more rest these days as I am trying to cut down on use but you know what it's like... :D

Anyway, take care
Wendy M xx