Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Mom's Party

Here are a few of the photos from my Mom's 80th Birthday Party. A couple of the photoboards are shown here and also one of her with her cake. There is also a photo of my two boys with their Grandma and the group shot is of a couple of my classmates (and a spouse!) and my Mom and me. The lady in the red top is my best friend Laura - basically my sister! No blood relation, but maybe all the better for that! Through thick and thin, she's there. The other couple came to our hometown for the Homecoming weekend from North Dakota and stayed for this party! Jeanne and Terry, so glad you got to stay and catch up with us a bit! It was great to get to visit for a short while.
My sister-in-law who has done scrapbooking helped us set up 3 of the boards (we ended up having 8 total) including the two shown above. That was a lot of help, as I had no experience with it at all. I'm glad I had all the supplies and punches to use! I used my card experience to do the Happy Birthday with the black background off the edge of the board so it would Pop! But no one would let me actually put 80 small balloons on this posterboard (I think we had about 35)!
We took photos of the boards, and printed them as 8X10s so my Mom could have them at home with her. She wanted the actual boards, but it would have been difficult and costly to ship them and no way were they going on the plane like this! Especially not all of them.
I may show a few more pictures later on, but for now, I'm glad the whole thing is over! It took forever to scan the photos in, sort through them all, and get these made up. But it was worth it. And the stress of the week was horrendous, but that's a whole other story.

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Beth Dunn said...

Adorable! Love the cupcakes. xoxo