Saturday, August 21, 2010

So sorry...

Here's my card today for the 2 Cute Rubber Stamps!

It never hurts to have one of these ready. When most people lose a pet, it's like one of the family and a sympathy card is needed for this type of loss also.

This particular card is just a more generic one, made in advance. I would normally make it custom (with the pet's name on it). I wasn't into making cards a few years ago when I needed one of these when my Mom lost her pet, and then my husband and I had to have our 18 year old Cairn Terrier, Logan, put down a couple years ago too. So now I want to be prepared. And this is just an adorable image (you can get just one of the each individual pet too). I like this one as it makes you think there's a special place for all pets.

I'm spending the weekend indoors in the A/C. Best place to be in this awful Indiana heat.
How about you? Plans? Or taking it easy too? Whatever.... hope you have fun!


Patty said...

We just recently lost our yellow lab. It was so hard to say good bye to her, she was such an important part of our family. I know how you hurt when you lost yours. This is a wonderful card to send someone. Love how you put it together!

Marilyn said...

Great card. I think people don't always think of sending a card when a fur friend dies but we received one when our dog passed & it was the kindest & sweetest thing ever because somebody else cared & understood our sadness.

Karin said...

This is a great card to express sympathay to a pet owner...Great color choice :)

Sammye Jo said...

What a great card. So sweet when people remember that pets are a part of the family!!