Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Squigglefly Ark!

I just love this new image from Squigglefly. It's by artist Jane Beljo and I had fun making up these first two cards. Then, when I was working on another, I goofed!
What I did was, I had started coloring the animals, and the rainbow, and then I got distracted and when I came back to it I just glued it up onto the black background. Then noticed I hadn't finished the coloring of the ark. So I started in, and the glue was showing through when I colored it. And I couldn't make it go away! So I nearly threw the whole thing away.

But I'm kind of a hoarder, or packrat or whatever, so I set it aside and went off working on another card (I have a ton of birthday cards to get ready this month!!). Anyway, I was sitting here, fuming about the goof, when I remembered a joke or story I had read somewhere about all the animals who shouldn't have been invited onto the ark (you know: skunks, rats, mosquitos etc.) and so I was looking at this unfinished card and suddenly woodpeckers came to mind. That would work to "cover up" the mistake! So that's what I used. And I think it turned out funny.
I'm sending this card to a friend who could certainly use a laugh about now, so I hope he finds it funny too.

You never know when a goof can become an asset! So don't pitch those mistakes immediately anyway, hang onto them for a while and rethink.


Stampin Mindy said...

These are great, cute papers and beautiful coloring!

Holly Young said...

Terri, I love all of these but my very favorite is the last one. Your sense of humor has struck a chord with me! I really like the dimension you've achieved in the image too. Wonderful cards!

Davi said...

These turned out darling and the "mistake" is the greatest!! Im sure it will bring a smile.

HappyCrafter said...

These are great! So funny and unique, cards I'd be proud to send and happy to receive, very impressive thinking for the sentiments!