Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How about another Avid Reader...

My friend Holly told me that Squigglefly had an older image about reading, and this one is named: Avid Reader. I love it!

This was me a long time ago. My mother, Bless Her, signed me up to a book club when I was very young, and the day the book would arrive, you'd find me just like this until the whole thing was done!

Then I'd be angry because it was over, and I would have to WAIT for the next one to arrive! The first series that I really remember a lot about was called The Happy Holisters. Of course there were many other books, but this was a series about kids like me! Well, not like me in that they had adventures and traveled and had plenty of brothers and sisters (I was a stay-at-home girl with two brothers). But I always had fun imaging that I was part of those adventures.

My boys were into Comic Books, in fact they collected them for years - which I thought was a waste, but my only condition was that they had to read the ones that they purchased. And they did! I think they still have over 800 in backer boards and plastic. I always think this is part of the reason my boys chose their career paths (both have degrees in English and Creative Writing)


Catherine said...

What a delicious card Terri ! I love reading too - as much as I love crafting - and no matter what, I have to read a few pages when I go to bed... Last night I wanted to finish my book and I switched the light off at 1.30 am... I feel sorry for the people who don't like reading because it brings so much pleasure... I think I will have to buy the lovely digi stamp too ! Love the way you have coloured her ! Hugs and smile from Catherine

Milnie said...

Very sweet card Terri and you are right, the world is playing to much videogames etc..



Stef H said...

oh, give me a book anytime! this is just fabulous!


Holly Young said...

Well I was an avid reader myself and The Bobbsey Twins are my earliest memory of series type books I liked. Now adays there are so many books and so little time that I listen to most of my books. that way I can keep up with books while driving, cleaning, folding laundry, and even card making!
I love your card Terri; especially the sentiment!

Unknown said...

How cute Terri!

My kids and I love reading too. I read every night! Maybe you can give me some good book tips!