Friday, February 20, 2009


Don't know why I have never received the two other previous wins!! Has anyone else had problems with actualy receiving their blog candy wins? Let me know if you have, I'd like to know if I'm the only one.

**Update** The Queen Kat Studio Blog Candy arrived on 2/27/09! See above.

Nothing has arrived yet from either of them!
Those were the Blog Candy win from Pink Papery Studios on 12/23/08 which still has NOT arrived (after almost 60 days!!).
Also have NOT received the 2nd Prize Blog Candy Win from Queen Kat Designs from their January Release - a win on 1/11/09 - and it's basically been six weeks.

I just don't get this. If Blog Candy is offered, I believe it should be mailed within a couple days of the drawing. At least that's the assumption I believe most people entering the contest have - I do, and in chatting with a few other bloggers they've said the same thing.
I don't know why those two candy wins still haven't arrived, I've been told they were shipped some time ago, but nothing from them has arrived at my home! I was expecting something at least within 2 weeks of winning. I think most people believe that's plenty of time! One company told me it always takes 10 days. Well, it's long past that on both of them! One of the blog candies I recently won and already received, came from the UK and arrived within 6 days! (Thanks Suzanne!)

It really makes me wonder why these others have taken so long, what happened to the packages, and why apparently no followup into this matter with the post office or other shipper to find the missing packages. I can't follow up myself, except to contact the companies (and have done that at least twice with each one). So I guess these cannot actually be counted as blog candy wins.... to me they are blog candy losses.

This is extremely frustrating!
And finally, it definitely makes me wonder about ordering things from these companies.

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Brenda H. said...

Oh ya, I know how you feel...this has happened to me several times! I won blog candy back in November, and I sent a couple of emails asking if it's been sent yet. I was told in January that she was planning to go mail it soon....still no sign of it! Now, she won't even reply to my emails....very frustrating! 'Hope yours shows up!