Friday, February 20, 2009

Blogs I visit...

I don't often write much in the blogs I visit. I have a limited amount of time I'm cruising around and want to see so much of what's out there. I do often go back through archives and look at older posts for pics of the cards and to find out new styles (new to me at least) and things. I just heard back from a few people wishing I'd left more of a note - so I promise to try to remember to do that.

I sort of started this blog because so many blog candy entries required a blog (or at least asked you to have one) and that was my main motivation. Now that I'm having a little more fun with this, I promise to try to make better comments on other's blogs because I do so appreciate the effort that goes into it, and all the talent that they are willing to share!

So if you've stopped by here because I've entered your blog candy, or you've seen I've stopped by your blog - thank you, and I will be back and hopefully leave you a better comment than previously. Just know all those blogs are partly why I started making these types of stamped cards and it's because you have all shared so much so clearly that enabled me to do it!

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