Sunday, January 25, 2015

Very little blog candy out there lately.....

Is it just me, or is there very little blog candy showing up any more?  I don't seem to find much.  I admit that I don't offer it nearly as often myself as I should.  Course, if you follow my blog, you'll know why the past several months have not left me any time to blog myself, let alone look at as many as I usually do.

But there is a blogaversary I found with candy:  go check it out:  She just posted her 1,000 blog post as well.  You can find the link over on my sidebar!


Jacqueline said...

Thanks for joining in the giveaway! Good luck!
I know my sister thinks that Pinterest has stolen all the thunder from blogging! I hope not.

DIANA L. said...

I have some come check it out my friend have a great day.