Sunday, January 29, 2012

Some candy can be found...

Here's what it looks like, and it runs through Feb 27. It's her first candy, and here is the blog:


Unknown said...

Hi Terri! Thanks for coming by to let me know that I won Candy's giveaway. I was so excited and it was so sweet of you to let me know. Did you know that I have 3 giveaways going on now too. I'm behind in everything so excuse me if you entered and I didn't remember. I'd love you to enter if you haven't.

Thanks again for letting me know and for sharing this giveaway with us too.

Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton pickin Cute

Unknown said...

Hi again Terri. May I ask you a question? Okay, good, I hope. While at Liva's giveaway I noticed that you had a link back to your blog in your comment. How did you do that? I wondered if you could and appearently you can, do that.

Thanks again...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

Leanne said...

Thanks for sharing. This is something I badly need. Other than biack & blue, no colored inks are available here.

Unknown said...

Your projects are so lovely! Thank you for becoming my follower and participating in my candy giveaway!
Liva ❤