Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blogging Pet Peeves..... anyone want to chime in.....

One of my blogging pet peeves is: when a blog has a blog candy announcement in their sidebar and they never clean it up...

Come on, I've found blog candy listings recently on several blogs that are dated from OVER a year ago. The links are more than 365 days ago! Come on!

Now I admit I don't get mine off immediately, but they are never on there longer than a month past the blog candy win date. I always find time to go "clean up" my sidebar of announcements and things sometime during the month.

And I also HATE it when someone has their own candy, and cannot seem to announce a winner within a reasonable time of the announced closing.

I mean come on, if you post your own blog candy stating it closes on a specific day - you should announce the winner within a couple days. After all, you chose the close date. I realize sometimes something may come up, some emergency of something, but sometimes I think people just deliberately refuse to announce within a week or so to just get people coming back every day to check.

I have never signed up to follow a blog just for candy - NEVER. I don't think anyone should do that, just out of plain courtesy.

I love blog candy - don't get me wrong, but I also love finding new blogs to follow and rarely have I been so disappointed with a blog (actually, 3 times) that I discontinue following after a while. Two of those basically quit posting much - just a very few times a year, and the other one drastically switched styles of projects into something that I am not interested in at all.

Anyone want to join in - What is your pet peeve about blogging? No personal attack, no names of bloggers please - but are there things you find continually that irritate you? Things that can be readily fixed? I hate when you click on a link and it's broken, and I try to let the blogger know that too. I've had that happen to me. I'd like to know. But some people have gotten really irritated when I comment about please announce the winner already - when it's more than a week after the close date!


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Shelley said...

I don't like typing in a coded word to enter a comment. I can never read the darn things and it takes 2 or 3 tries to do it. Even the ones that are easily legible bother me. I'll forget it's there and just hit enter, only to have to go back and enter it again. sigh.

Misty said...

OK...1st Ditto what you said & What Shelley! Esp. on blog hops. I just did 1 for OWH, 135 hops & 1/2 had word check, thought I was gonna go blind or get totally disgusted and quit hopping. Another thing, someone leaves a comment & I have no clue who/where they are, no way to contact or visit to answer. Same goes when someone becomes a new follower. If you hover over MY follower icon, not only my name, but my blog addy is there. I wish everyone did that. I only have 50 followers, but I do like to visit them on a semi regular basis (more time now...I was downsized outa a job :(
Also, I always leave my siggy at end of comment. So I am hopping along & there is a candy offer, BUT you have to go BACK to find the winner, and lots of times it hasn't been posted (2 weeks on 1, after draw date for example) How hard is it for them to send the winner an email?
OKbee! Thats my vent for now!

Hummer Hugs,
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