Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cupcakes anyone?


I could eat these!

Here are some of the cards I've made with a few images I recently won at
Limited Runs. Aren't these lovely images. Nikki does such a fantastic job - you need to go there and check them out. She has tons and tons of cupcake images (plus some other images as well) but I adore these cupcakes.
And I just realized I haven't posted much except a couple of challenge cards in a while. I'm WAAY behind in posting. I make at least 10 cards a week on average, but you couldn't tell it here. I'll try and come back later today and post a few that I have pictures of. Some, sadly, get sent before I take photos. Still working on that!!
Have a great Sunday everyone!


VICTORIA said...

Great Cards. They do look great enough to eat. Yum. thanks for stopping by and good luck.

Shelley said...

Fantastic cards! Yep, you need to be showing us more of what you create ;)

Cheryl said...

These are beautiful,fab images and colouring!!!