Sunday, April 25, 2010

Late, late late for my SSDS

I'm so sorry I'm so very late. You'd think I would have had this loaded up already. It was done on time, I promise. But, my new computer was having fits, and then my printer wasn't working either. It's been a rough weekend. But, I do have my "girly" card finished and finally loaded up.

This image is one of my very favorites of a female! I mean, who could possibly deny this is a "girly" girl! I'm afraid my coloring this time around does not do it justice. Another one of the things not quite working right this weekend.

But, I'm hopeful that things will perk up soon. I'm getting ready for a visit from my Mom and stepdad in late May, and I'm working feverishly to get their room ready. See, it's also my craft room, and it's gotten very overrun since their last visit. In fact, if they arrived today, there would be no place to sleep, as the bed was entirely covered. But I've put some new bookcases in the room, and removed a dresser and mirror, so things are improving little by little. I probably need one more bookcase to free up the last of it all. That also means that I'm getting a little more organized too, which is a good thing!!

Anyway, go check out all the other DT members who DID get their projects done on time! And see what nice prize is up for grabs this time around. We are so thankful that so many of you are joining in our challenges!

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