Sunday, February 28, 2010

Some not so good personal news...

OK, at first I wasn't going to say anything at least not for a while, but then I thought I'd share and just maybe someone out there can benefit from hearing this.
I've had a really rough week.
I NEVER want another week like this past week.
I wouldn't wish this on anyone.
This past Tuesday I found out I have breast cancer.

I feel extremely lucky that I found this really soon. It's only about an inch in size and does not appear to be the fast growing type of cancer. We are going to do a lumpectomy and radiation. That's the plan. Course, things can rapidly change, but this is what I am going with.

Now, for all of you ladies reading this - Have you done your yearly Mammogram yet? If not, why not? DO NOT WAIT.

My surgeon was quite skeptical and even commented about me NOT being the person who found this cancer and how they show up occasionally on mammograms, and most women cannot detect this,
but I did find it.
And I showed him exactly the spot, bypassing the cyst which was nearby as that is something I've often felt, and this other was something foreign to me and didn't belong. That's what I had told my primary doctor. I knew it didn't belong there.

It wasn't through a routine mammogram. I have been the one to find everything like this (I've found cysts several times before and I really did think this must be similar or nearly the same, but I still quickly followed up with my primary doctor and got additional mammograms and ultrasounds and ultimately biopsies done!) Hopefully that will make all the difference. I told my surgeon that for over 30 years I've had one of those little plastic signs hanging in my shower that show how to do a self-check! They don't even hand those out to women anymore. But it helps remind me to do it routinely! and Thank God.

So.... on Wednesday - the very next day, my husband and I spent the entire day with me having a double MRI, an hour and half consultation with the surgeon and his surgery tech, and then getting all the necessary things done such as X-rays, blood work, EKG's, and all in anticipation of my surgery next week and the setting the plan in place for the follow-up.
I feel blessed that things are happening really quickly. We were able to get the surgery scheduled for next week.

I've had wonderful support from all my family and my husband's family, and many, many wonderful friends.

I have been amazed at the response from my new (just 7 weeks now) co-workers, and also my wonderful boss, Fr. Patrick, who sent me a dozen long stemmed bright pink roses, as well as putting me at the top of his prayer list!
Every single day this week I've been talking to someone who has offered wonderful encouragement to me.

So everyone, I will most likely not be doing my regular cards for my two teams: Stamp, Scrap & Doodle Saturday and Squifflefly -- at least not for a couple weeks.
I really hope that is all that I may miss.
Please show all those wonderful ladies on those teams some support in place of me!

And please, pray for me and my family.


Teri said...

Oh hun! You poor moo! I feel for you, honestly I do.
My MIL had this a couple of years ago, but she pulled through and has been clear ever since ( and she is 76!!)
She had kemo and radio and all the rest of it. She didn't loose her hair - blessing! Felt a bit ickky, but came through it with flying colours, and I'm sure you will too hun!!
Thinking of you, I don't pray or believe especially, but my thoughts are with you hun!
Good luck with the surgery babe.
Teri xx

Unknown said...

Hi Terri,

I am and will be praying for you. I'm so sorry you have to go through this! Thank God for all the support though. Thank you to for sharing with everyone. You may save someone's life.

Terri the Brat

Maria Matter said...

so sorry to hear about this Terri!
sounds as though you are being aggressive with the treatment!
I will pray for you and your family to have peace with all the decision you need to make!
take care
Blessings, Maria

Crafty In Carolina Stamper said...

Awww Terri! I'll be thinking of you!

Christine said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Terri. It sounds like you did all the right things and that it was caught soon enough! You and your family are in m y thoughts and prayers!


Jennifer Scull said...

don't you ever ever ever give up! several years ago I found a lump, then another, and then another. went through many processes, and to make a long story short, after long months of prayers & doctor's visits they just disappeared. the doctors were baffled. couldn't explain it at all.

miracles do still happen. why to me I will never understand, but stay hopeful and positive. you have people who are pulling for you. people who love you.

Holly Young said...

Terri, first let me say how very proud of yourself you should be for doing a self check routinely! There have been so many strides made in breast cancer treatment that I feel very good about your prognosis, and of course with so many of us praying for you - you can't lose! You take care of yourself and please let me know if there's anything I can do for you!

Stef H said...

oh terri! i am so sorry to hear this news and you are also on the top of my prayer list! you post is definitely a wake-up call to women everywhere as i am guilty of it myself! if u are up to it, please keep us posted.

Jeanette said...

Blessings to you and the very best of luck with this unfortunate diagnosis. If it helps my DH is a cancer survivor for over 6 years now. And, his prognosis wasn't that good. So do the best you can and smile. Attitude means a lot. My very best to you and yours.

Anita said...

Terri, My heart goes out to you. I am sending you hugs and will keep you in my prayers.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear ths, but I know U will be fine, my mom was DX with Breast Cancer and I am happy to report she has been in remission for 12 yrs now! I am glad that U have a great support group :)

terriavidreader (IN-USA) said...

Oh you wonderful people, thanks so much for all the encouraging words!

Chrisd said...

Sorry to hear about this but you know we all will be thinking of you and keeping you in in my prayers also. Hugs from Michigan. Keep on fighting!

Create With Joy said...

Dear Terri,

I am so sorry to hear your news! I know this must be a scary time but you are strong and you are in our prayers - thankfully this was detected early - you WILL get through this!

I stopped by today to let you now that you won a prize over at - perhaps this news will help brighten your day a bit!


Angie Cortes said...

So sorry to hear this. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. {{Hugs}}

Heather said...

Big hugs Terri. You are in my thoughts and prayers- thank goodness you caught it early.

Maria said...

Oh Terri, I'm sorry to hear your news and will keep you in my thoughts. From your post I sense you are a strong person and you will beat this! Hugs and best wishes, Maria

Create With Joy said...

Hi Terri,

Just popping by to say that I am thinking of you this evening - I hope you have a good weekend with your family - you remain in my prayers!

Ramona :-)

Inger said...

I'm sorry to hear about your breast cancer. I know what a chock it is to find out. I finished my chemo 4 months ago and I can't believe it's over - somehow it felt that it never would be. But everything passes. I'm sending prayers and strength your way!
Best wishes, Inger in Sweden

Wendy @ E-1-A said...

Thank you for sharing this vital info with us... I for one appreciate this. Take care and look after yourself and know and take heart that many of us will be praying for you xx

Lisa said...

Oh My Terri, I am so sorry to hear the news, I will be thinking about you, I was just popping in to visit your blog as I noticed you were not around, your post explains way, take care!!

Matildy Jane Designs said...

Terri, I'll add you to my prayer list! I know you're scared but sounds like you caught it early. That's a huge plus in your favor! Keep us posted.