Tuesday, June 9, 2009

John's card

Well, my baby brother JOHN turns 50 on Friday.

And I couldn't resist.
Here's his card.

Now mind you, I've been through this before and he can't do much to me! And I have an older brother too (who turns 60 this year! - so guess what?!!) Anyway, the family is all getting together Friday night for supper and then coming by my house for Strawberries and Angel Food Cake! His wife is fixing him a coconut cream pie (his fav) and maybe she'll share with us. She makes FABULOUS pies! Really. I'm supposed to find some way to save a piece of it for my hubby.

And by the way, this Friday is my DH birthday too, but he made plans months and months ago to go with his church group friends to a ballgame (which is his favorite thing to do!) I still have to work on a card for him -- but I'll probably make it a sweet one! He's been extra nice to me lately!

Well, this is all I've managed to do today. I have 3 more cards that must be made quickly. But I also applied for a part-time job today too, so maybe that will work out (will cause a lot less card making, but hey, you do what you gotta do!)

Thanks for dropping by the blog today!

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