Monday, January 5, 2009

Blog candy was found...

Here's some new blog candy I found today: and also: . But I'm sorry, I want win, but in fairness, I'll share the locations.

I'm frustrated today as my Kodak printer is having problems again. Less than a year old and twice I've needed the print head replaced (free yes, but a hassle none the less). And now today, they told me to upgrade some things, and now it won't work at all!! When it works, it's great, but when it goofs up, boy I could just pitch it! And of course, they always are so nice and apologetic when I call - but that doesn't really help me much.

I've been checking out blogs today to get ideas for a special birthday card for a very special friend. We started grade school together and I love her dearly, so I want something extra special. So naturally I'm looking to others for better ideas!

Enough chatter. Enjoy your day and keep checking those other blogs (if you find more candy, let me know, OK?)

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